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A,B,C's of Law

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A,B,C's of Law
An ongoing list of LEGAL terms our clients are most interested in understanding. If you are looking for a special legal term which isn't listed, e-mail us and we will add it to the list in alphabetical order.

Crime - Under the common law (judge-made law) inherited from England, crimes are divided into two main categories: felonies and misdemeanors. The distinction between them is based on the crime's seriousness and on the length of punishment.

Search and Seizure - A Police practice whereby a person or place is searched and evidence useful in the investigation and prosecution of the crime is seized. The search and seizure is constitutionally limited by the Fourth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and by provisions in the several state constitutions, statutes and rules of court

Search Warrant - An order issued by a judge or Magistrate authorizing certain law enforcement officers to conduct a search of specified premises for specified things or persons. In those cases where warrants are required, only a judge or magistrate who has not previously considered the facts giving rise to the application can issue a search warrant, and only upon a showing of probable cause that the described item is located in the designated place and that it was involved in the planning or commission of a crime.

Work Product - Work done by an attorney in the process of representing his client that is ordinarily not subject to discovery. It encompasses writings, statements or testimony that would substantially reflect or invade an attorney's legal impressions, or legal theories about a pending anticipated litigation, including the attorney's strategy and opinions.
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